Everything Twin Peaks


With the official announcement of the Limited Event Series on Blu-ray, I will be dedicating this post to all things pertinent to Twin Peaks Books and Home Media. All other memorabilia seems superfluous and unnecessary.

The Return, or Season 3, or The Revival, or the Limited Event Series, whatever you want to call it, came and went with a fury and some baffling confusion and lots of fanfare from its most dedicated fans. Categorize me as all three, mostly the latter, but in a good way of course. Whatever your takeaway of the entire series, it’s hard not to take a step back and just appreciate it for what it is. Something wholly original and singular and so, intentionally, against type. The original series was light years ahead of its time, so I expected The Return to not be any different, if not more so this time given Showtime’s (a cable network) complete creative commitment to David Lynch & Mark Frost.

My interpretation of the series is not significant or original enough for me to voice (if you want endless theories and interpretation go to the reddit) so I’ll just say this: watch (of course the original Twin Peaks series) Fire Walk With Me and – this may sound weird but – Mulholland DriveMulholland Drive, as most Lynch fans will already know, was supposed to be a pilot but was cancelled midway through production and Lynch eventually found international financing to complete it as a feature film. But I digress. Twin Peaks: The Return feels like what Mulholland Drive would have been had it been picked up to series. Weird, unconventional, and an endless, ambiguous, dreamlike mystery wrapped in a riddle that concurrently perplexes and satiates.

The finale was the definition of divisive but in its own way was the perfect and definitive ending, structurally and thematically. It’s a moody, dreary, absolutely haunting tone poem, surrealist mood piece, etc. In a way, I would be disappointed if they continued the series since that ending, to me, was definitive and completely impossible to top. But for all those superfans, like myself, who will eat up the extended universe, here is a comprehensive list:

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series

Releases December 19, 2017. 5+ hours of special features. Set your coordinates to enter the Red Room.

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

Originally released July 29, 2014 to much fanfare and speculation of a third season due to its timely arrival date. The set was reprinted in September 20, 2016 and is currently out of print, which is the reason for its escalated markup on Amazon. Try to find a used copy.

Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier


Just released October 31, 2017. Mark Frost deepens the mythology even further with this his second Twin Peaks novel in 2 years. I haven’t given it a read yet, but expect it to be a found document anthology of collected interviews, articles, etc. in and around the town of Twin Peaks.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks


Released last year on October 18, 2016. This was to provide a much needed backstory to the history and weird goings on throughout the town of Twin Peaks. Marketed as a great way to catch up before The Return, I found it a dense read and a unique Epistolary novel.

Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town


Released June 1991. Ho-hum. Just a visitor’s guide and a general introduction for new fans. Like a mall map for out of towners.

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes


Released May 1991, amidst the end of the second season and (at the time) the end of the series. I never gave this a read (I’m waiting to get the audiobook) but I did see it at the LA Library so it must be, at least, culturally significant.

“Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper


Released October 1, 1990. I probably need to give this a listen. Sheriff? Give me a donut.

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer


Released September 15, 1991 and the audiobook narrated by Laura Palmer herself, Sheryl Lee, released on May 2, 2017. This is the one extended universe item I’d say is completely essential if you had to choose just one.


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